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          Welcome to Cities of Dust, our dark corner of the internet, dedicated to World of Darkness role-playing games, using 20th Anniversary Edition rules. Where specific game lines never got a 20th Anniversary Edition treatment, we include them with updated rules, but you can read more about that in other places. This portion of the wiki is dedicated to identifying the members of our staff. Each member of staff's name is also a link to their own personal page, as per the same format used to identify our inamtes (players). Whenever a member of staff falls into more than one category, they will be listed in each; they will only have one wiki page, however.


          As the title suggests, this section lists our site's administrators. Players shouldn't need their assistance often. If you encounter technical problems, or should there be other issues that can't be handled by your Storyteller, these are the people to whom you want to reach out.

His Infernal Majesty, Lord Vil - Site Owner & Administrator of All Things Game-Related

His Infernal Majesty, Lord Vil - (Acting) Administrator of All Things Technical


          If you're reading this, chances are that you already understand exactly what a Storyteller is. If you're either new to gaming entirely, or if you've gamed but haven't familiarised yourself with the Storyteller System, then it merits explanation. For those totally new to gaming, please feel free to ask us in the chat. We don't bite (most of the time). For those familiar with gaming, if you haven't already worked it out for yourselves, a Storyteller is the same thing as a Game Master or Dungeon Master. Those are the people telling the overall story, in which the players take part by portraying characters.

His Infernal Majesty, Lord Vil

Head Storyteller
Mummy: the Resurrection Storyteller
Hunter: the Reckoning Storyteller
Other Storyteller
Temporary ST for:
Vampire: the Masquerade
Wraith: the Oblivion


Werewolf Storyteller - This includes all things Fera-Related
Other Co-Storyteller


Mage Storyteller - This includes Sorcerers.
Other Co-Storyteller


Changeling Storyteller
Other Co-Storyteller

Assistant Storytellers

          At this time, we have no Assistant Storytellers. As the need arises, and as they're chosen, they'll be added to this roster. Please feel free to check back as often or as rarely as you see fit.

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