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          Welcome to Cities of Dust, our dark corner of the internet, dedicated to World of Darkness role-playing games, using 20th Anniversary Edition rules. Where specific game lines never got a 20th Anniversary Edition treatment, we include them with updated rules, but you can read more about that in other places. This portion of the wiki is dedicated to identifying other players, so that you, the player, can look up who is playing who and keep in touch with one another, as needed, for game. As the question will inevitably come up, yes, our staff members are also players, however members of staff will not be listed here. See their link on the left sidebar. On Cities of Dust, our staff, in their capacity as players, are held to the same rules as any other player. This means that they won't have access to characters that nobody else can play, and they will have no more and no less of an opportunity to play anything deemed as restricted.
          Neither do they get to award themselves experience. That is further illustrated in our site rules, but it's repeated here as a means of reassurance. On Cities of Dust, we pride ourselves on the fair and equal treatment of all players. Please be advised that this list is for the purpose of aiding players in knowing who plays who, and it's for our players to reveal as much or as little as they'd like about themselves. Any attempt to use this list for the purpose of harassment will result in decisive action being taken, including a permanent ban from our site, and depending upon the situation, contact with the proper authorities.
          Lastly, please note that we play on a Discord serve, and we ask that all players use an individual primary (ooc) name. While it is expected that you'll change your name to reflect what character you're playing, everyone should have but one default name. If you have a name that somebody else has, and you won't use another name, then please put a 2 in front of it (or, when we have enough players, whatever corresponding number after 2 is necessary). Additionally, when you sign up for our forums, please make sure that your forum name is the exact same name as your listed player name.

Our Inmates

          With no further adieu, here they are:

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