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First, stated plainly, and with no room for negotiation, at all: Players & Staff are held to the same standards.

          Put simply, this site, like any other site of its kind, has rules to keep things running smoothly, and most importantly, to ensure a fun time for all. I have personally played on a plethora of sites, and one thing that has discouraged Me in the past, more often than not, has been a very disagreeable double-standard, whereby staff are allowed to do things that players are not. This could be anything from rules that apply to players, in terms of conduct, not being applied to Storytellers, admins, & assistants, to Storytellers, admins, and assistants being allowed character options that would never be allowed to "mere" players.
          This will never be the case on Cities of Dust. If you, as a player, ever feel that this is not the case, you are cordially invited to bring your concern directly to Me. If you feel that I am the one taking advantage, and if you're not comfortable contacting Me directly, you may address Glyff, My web designer, who will then bring the concern to Me, even keeping you anonymous, should you wish it. In such a case, Glyff will not violate your anonymity, unless he is absolute in his certainty that the concern isn't genuine and the disingenuous nature of the concern would be damaging to the site or otherwise harmful to players or staff.

Rules by which we must all live:

1 Treat everyone ooc with respect.
          This should not need to be spelled out. Occasionally, we're bound to disagree, even to argue a little. This is fine within reason, but everyone needs to conduct themselves like adults. If you can't get along OOC, then don't interact OOC. When you play in scenes together, don't use your OOC dislike to influence if and how you play. Compartmentalise. It's part of being an adult. Staff don't need to babysit. You don't want us to have to do that.

2 We value free speech here.
          You are welcome to talk about whatever you like. You are welcome to have any opinion and state any opinion that you like. There is a caveat. You're not free to harass others. This works both ways. Someone being offended because they disagree with your opinion isn't allowed to attempt to silence you or make you uncomfortable. Just the same, there is also the element of respect. If you're having a discussion about a topic that is making even one player uncomfortable, then we will ask you to take that conversation to a room set up for that very thing.
          This rule does not mean that we support your viewpoint, whatever that may be. It means that I, the site owner, value freedom of speech and want to allow people to use their freedom of expression. I may very well hate your viewpoint, but I support your right to have it. One does not have to respect your point of view, but they do have to respect your right to your viewpoint. Do you want to talk about religion and politics? Fine. If others don't want to read that discussion in the OOC room, then respect their wishes and take it to the room that I'm setting up for you to talk as freely and opnely as you want.
          If everyone is fine with the discussion, great! There's no need to move, but our OOC room is only one room that is shared by many people. Sometimes there might just be a particular conversation going on, and any other conversation is simply going to cause issues for people following it. This is another reason for the extra discussion room. It's a matter of respecting the space of others.
          This means, ultimately, that I don't care what your viewpoints are. You're welcome to play here, regardless of your ideology. You're welcome to be very open about your ideology, but not to the point that you're shoving it down peoples' throats. That works both ways.
          Social justice warriors are probably not going to be happy here. This is because we don't open this game specifically to far-left types and treat anyone who doesn't share those politics as a pariah. None the less, such individuals tend to be very unhappy if they don't dominate the conversation and get to decide who has a right to speak their mind. Everyone has a right to their opinion. No one has a right to shove that opinion down the throats of others. Common sense on this is demanded. You should know the difference between speaking your mind and proselytising. This ruling is partially experimental. If we find that people can't cope at all with certain things, I can and will draw up an extensive list of topics that can NEVER come up in the OOC room. Those will then have to be moved to the side discussion room.
          Finally, going back to what I said about tolerating all points of view but not condoning it, please understand that if you're promoting hatred in real life, this is not going to be acceptable. If you're promoting illegal activity, this is not going to be acceptable. I hate having to spell this out in such a longwinded way. This game is open to people of all walks of life. No one has a right to dictate to others how they're going to address one another or what is an acceptable viewpoint to have, but you are all expected to be adult enough to understand that this game is for everyone and that if you're going out of your way to abuse our liberal policy on freedom of speech, that you will be unceremoniously banned.

3 IC is IC:
          Just because someone plays a villain or has a character that is in some other way annoying does not mean they are that way in real life. It is a *role-playing game*. We expect that grown adults can tell the difference between real life and game. If you can't, then you should seek counselling. If you feel particularly off-put by a character, understand that individuals in real life will be off-putting, too. So long as the reason for this is only them playing their character, and so long as the player is genuinely role-playing his or her character and isn't using it to find a loophole around respecting others, we will ask you to just accept this. On the other hand, we will step in and end harassment. That is simply not allowed and not wanted here. The point is for us to have fun.

4 Storyteller decisions have a route of appeals.
          Arguing with the storyteller as they are running is not conductive to the plot. Please keep it minimal and private. We understand that you will question the rules. That is fine. Disrupting a scene to do this is never acceptable. You can private message whoever is running the scene. If it can be addressed mid-scene, great. If it can't, then it is the responsibility of the Storyteller to let you know that while it can't be addressed at the time, that it WILL be addressed. If we find that you are right, a retcon will be issued. If we don't, we will be reasonable in our explanation as to why we disagree.

          5 Treat the Storytellers as you wish to be treated. The storytellers and admin are donating their free time to bring this game to you. We live fun ideas, however please respect that people have a life outside of the game.

          6 Our game is age-restricted. This site has mature themes, so you must be over 18 to play (if you are in the US). If we find you are younger than this it will be addressed in an ethical manner.

   a. Cybersex is banned. This doesn't mean that sex between characters is banned. While we are a mature site, we are not a porn site. Years of experience have shown that people who come for cybersex contribute absolutely nothing to the game. If you want to masturbate, that's up to you. I suggest that you consider sites like PornHub and YouPorn for that sort of thing. That's not our purpose. Now, with that being stated, if you really, really need to have that happen in a scene, and if the other player is open to that sort of thing, then take it to Skype or some other medium, and make sure to let the appropriate ST's know about any outcome where that might matter. Attempting to harass a player into such scenes will, if proven, result in a ban.
   b. Child characters are NOT banned. Many role-play sites in which I've been involved outright ban child characters, fearing that if they're allowed, that this will somehow bring down the authorities upon them for promoting pedophilia. That is laughable. People playing child characters for nefarious purposes, such as promoting pedophilia, is neither laughable nor tolerated. If we discover people abusing our leniency in this matter, this will result in a ban, and we WILL cooperate with the appropriate authorities. If you want to play a child character, please be aware of the limitations that children face. Your character will not be an exception.

House Rules

          On Cities of Dust, we try to keep the house rules to a minimum, but sometimes they're necessary. The list will almost certainly grow over time. Rather than to present them here, they are on the forum. It is the responsibility of every player to familiarise themselves with those rules that apply to the character or characters that they play. All of our house rules will be accessible on the House Rules forum.

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