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                    Roll of the thunder     
                    Kiss and the scream     
                    Hold out my arms and scars start to show     
                    Howling for the glory of the innocent     
                    But don't despair for the shame I know     
                    The taste of ash on my tongue     
                    Faith and prayers, wanton dust     
                    -Sisters Of Mercy, "Dance On Glass"     


                        THE REBORN OF PORT SINCLAIR:     

          The Undying have managed to establish themselves beyond the Web of Faith, throughout the world, albeit in smaller numbers than those seen in Egypt, where their ranks have truly swollen well beyond the days when there were only 42 Reborn, all Shemsu-heru, in the service of Horus, along with a handful of Ishmaelites and an uncertain but small number of Cabiri, followed by rumoured others, whose numbers were never a certain thing.
          Since the emergence of the Amenti in Egypt, the Teomallki in Central and South America, and the families of the Wu T'ian throughout China and other parts of Asia, there has been a dynamic shift. Among the Amenti, the Undying of Egypt, a Dynasty, known as Udja-sen or Judged Ones, lacks the binding ties to the Web of Faith, which cripple so many other Reborn who attempt to live in places beyond the borders of the Web of Faith. There are also rare, non-Udja-sen, who are similarly not restricted. These, wittingly or otherwise, served to create a toe-hold, which inevitably drew other Resurrected.
          Rumour has begun to circulate among the Amenti (and not the other Reborn), that a metaphysical link to the Web of Faith might be possible to establish in Port Sinclair, Florida. The independent Mesektet that had this vision passed it to a small faction, called the Spiders of the Sands. Their interest in growing the Web of Faith has made Port Sinclair something of a strategic ground for them, and they're not alone in this new interest in the area. Neither are they the first Reborn to arrive.
          It is believed that each of the Factions of the Undying have a presence in the city, be it with as few as one mummy, or as many as a small handful. In truth, some have yet to arrive, and might never arrive. None can truly be sure. It's even said that one or two factions may only be represented by mortal agents, yet this remains conjecture in the minds of most. What can be taken with more than a grain of salt is that if something has attracted the Resurrected, then their enemies must surely also be on hand, either following some of them or having been drawn in by the very things that draw the Amenti.

Dynastic Luminaries:

          This section will highlight one individual member of each Dynasty, independent of any faction, who can serve as allies and mentors to members of their own Dynasties. Details of each of these NPC's will be placed on their page.

Kher-minu (Tomb Watchers):
Alistair Cromwell: Day trader, protector of Port Sinclair Fields of Rest

Khri-Habi (Scroll Bearers or Bearers of the Book):
Helena Dumas: Former CIA assassin, violent healer

Mesektet (Night Suns or Vessels of Ra):
Marvin Gerald: Third grade prognosticator, Noble Bearing

Sakhmu (Spirit Scepters):
Piotr Andrelov: Sculptor, engineer

Sefekhi (The Unbandaged Ones):
Sheila Algamel: Librarian, vigilante

Udja-sen (Judged Ones):
Dot?: Traditional Skinhead, Bouncer
Waylon Vargas: Hunted by (redacted at this time)

Factions in Port Sinclair:

          This section will highlight the Resurrection Cults present within Port Sinclair. Each will have a single member, who can serve as an ally or mentor to members of their own faction (for example, Shemsu-heru might go to the listed Shemsu-heru, but probably not the listed Ashukhi Corporation executive).

                        Ashukhi Corporation:        

          The Ashukhi Corporation has grown in the last decade and a half. While it's still not a powerhouse capable of rivaling the likes of major players like Pentex, they've come a long way from their humble beginnings. Having expanded into new areas of business, they've expanded their reach through five powerful subsidiaries (and providing shipping services for those new facets of their operation). Each subsidiary will be listed below, after the listing for the Ashukhi Corporation:

Luke Jones: Kher-minu, former black supremeracist, Branch President
Raphiel Gomez: Sakhmu, Director of Public Relations)
Jannett Tallman?: Mortal, CFO

                        Renewable Lumber and Land Reclamation Services, LTD     
                        (lumber company)     

          The company practices environmentally-friendly logging, with a strong focus on replanting, limiting the cutting of trees, and triple surveys of all lands gathered for their lumber. Many such holdings are presently untouched.
          The company has an office in Downtown Port Sinclair, from which the officers direct the company's efforts in on the island and throughout the states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. While presently engaged in bidding wars with other lumber companies, Renewable Lumber and Land Reclamation Services has lofty ambitions. If current bidding proves favourable, those goals may be within reach.
Xavier Penbroke: Mesektet, Branch President
Maxwell Stovin?: Mortal, Director of Public Relations
Lou Goldberg: Mortal, CFO

                        Ashukhi Construction Enterprises     
                        (Construction firm)     

          The company acquires 90 percent of their lumber from Renewable Lumber and Land Reclamation Services, LTD, and 10 percent comes from other lumber companies that practice ethical logging. All of their projects incorporate permaculture techniques. The company focuses on geodomes, underground homes, and other Earth-friendly methods of building.
          Business has been on a slow climb, but a steady one. As interest in alternative housing grows, so do the prospects of this Ashukhi Corporation subsidiary. The subsidiary has a greater toe-hold in the North, with their greatest presence being in the Midwest. Much like Renewable Lumber and Land Reclammation Services, their focus is on Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Their goal is to establish a strong presence in the South.

Gunther Kreiger?: Mortal, Branch President
Yolanda Pierce: Khri-habi, Director of Public Relations

                        Greener Farms and Pastures, LTD     
                        (Organic aquaponic and free-range farm)     

          The company practices organic aquaponic growth, free-range feeding of animals, and quick, pain-free killing of livestock. California is home to several farms run by this company. They've got one farm in Port Sinclair, Florida, with plans to open more, both on the island and the state's mainland.
          The last seven years have seen a huge up-swing in business. Greener Farms and Pastures, LTD has almost tripled in size, and with the growing demand for healthier, organic products, this company is positioned for strong potential growth. Although their efforts have seen the most success out west, as sustainable living is popular among left-leaning individuals, the company is also aware of the growing trend among right-leaning people. With Florida being a hotbed of Conservative politics, it only made sense that they'd establish themselves in the state, to target that customer base. With Ashukhi Corporation's presence in Port Sinclair, the subsidiary decided to follow suit.

Melody Green?: Mortal, Branch President
Yokomoto Shinji?: Mortal, Director of Public Relations
Greg Brownstone?: Mortal, CFO

                       Ennead Pharmaceutical Labs, INC   
                       (drug manufacturers)    

          The company focuses on cures from nature. They create medicines through the use of Alchemy Hekau, as well as from the usual, more mundane means employed by pharmaceutical companies. They lobby in favour of environmentally-friendly regulations that are also minimalist, in order to provide necessary environmental protection in the least restrictive way possible. This allows and encourages the free market to work to the betterment of peoples' lives.
          The Los Angeles branch wass the newest to open, until 2014, after sustained growth in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. With their October 2014 opening, the Port Sinclair branch is the newest.

Brenda Ringwald ab Hefri: Khri-habi, Branch president
Lila Jameson?: Mortal, Director of Public Relations
David Peterson?: Mortal, CFO

Security is handled by The Twins:
Min Kun Fo?: Kher-minu, Chief of Security, Sub-Director of Operations
Doctor Wanda Blake?: Khri-habi, Director of Operations, Sub-Chief of Security

                        Sensible Decisions Planning     
                        (Banking & Investments)     

          The company focuses on strong investment portfolios for clients, which don't include investments in harmful businesses. This is the part of the Ashukhi Corporation that funnels investments for the Reborn, between their lives when needed. When the company was much smaller, this service was handled by the primary corporation, but when the company started their subsidiaries, it was decided that this service was best left in the hands of this subsidiary.
          This subsidiary is largely, but not solely, responsible for laundering funds between identities, or otherwise preserving identities, of various mummies that find themselves on the other side of the mortal coil. Although this makes up the majority of the subsidiary's accounts at this time, their target market is the general public. So far, they're a company in good standing, and growth, although slow, is steady.

Victor Tzalovitch?: Sakhmu, CFO


          In Edfu, the Temple of Horus remains the stronghold of the Imkhu. From there, mortal and immortal servants of Horus direct the sect's war efforts against Apophis and his servants. Throughout the world, the Shemsu-heru are less structured in some places than in others. They're the largest faction among the Undying, but they can't be everywhere at once. While Shemsu-heru can rely upon the assistance of their fellows more than most factions, the Ashukhi Corporation are the most efficient, when it comes to support for those in its employment.
          In Port Sinclair, the Shemsu-heru have a toe hold. This is more than can be said in many major cities, and some speculate that their numbers may yet rise. To date, they've grown only a little the same over the last decade and a half.

Jack Havrington?: Sefekhi, Former librarian turned Antiquarian, originally from London

                        Children of Osiris:        

          When the Children of Osiris are mentioned, different things come to mind: Some think of an obscure bloodline of vampires that mysteriously vanished; some (more familiar) think of vampires restored to mortality; some (also more familiar) think of an insular and dedicated cult that helps to gather the wandering dead that seek judgement and resurrection. They are all of this and more, and it is they, familiar with the ravages of the Beast, who are best able to comprehend and counter the drives and actions of the khaibitu of the Sefekhi-to-be among those wandering, dead seekers of hope and life.
          Port Sinclair isn't a place that comes to mind at the mention of the Children of Osiris. Indeed, there's very few to be found in the city, yet the cult does attempt to keep a presence in cities throughout the world, even those lacking an Amenti presence if they can afford to, to help ease the burden of the rest of their brethren, who work around the clock back in Egypt and throughout the rest of the Web of Faith. As none can know for how many minutes, days, or years they have left before the tem-akh that lack nehem-sen can continue to hold on to their existences, the work of the Children of Osiris is desperate, regardless of external appearances, often to the contrary.

Ba Hef Taari?: Mortal, former Child of Osiris vampire

                        The Cult of Isis        

          The Cult of Isis are known to all of the Amenti, famous in some occult circles, infamous in others, and their ties to the Reborn predate the Amenti and go back to the origins of Horus and the Shemsu-heru that predate them. The Cult of Isis have been infiltrated in the past. Cells have fallen to corruption. Before the awakening of Osiris, the Cult of Isis appeared to be on the brink of complete collapse. All of that changed when Osiris awoke, and the most dedicated of the priests and prestesses of the order received visions. The changes were drastic and near-instantaneous.
          As in the past, with the original version, the Spell of Life is guarded by the Cult of Isis. It is they who perform the Great Rite that allows the wandering Nehem-sen and their guiding Tem-akhs to face the judgement of the gods, either to be destroyed, or otherwise, as is the hope of all that come before them, to rise again as one of the Amenti. Most stay within the Web of Faith, yet some, noting the practice within the Children of Osiris, have begun to move out into other parts of the world, to help their charges preemptively. It's little surprise, then, that wherever the Children of Osiris pop up throughout the world, the Cult of Isis are soon to follow.

????: Mortal, Priestess ????: Khri-habi, Priestess


          Beyond the ears of the Children of Osiris, the Cult of Isis, the Amenti, and possibly some of the other Reborn, the Eset-a are an unknown name. Among those familiar with them, the Eset-a were tolerated but were not taken too seriously. Having started as a splinter cult, from both the ranks of the Cult of Isis and the Children of Osiris, the Eset-a claimed to have visions or realisation (depending upon who was asked) that if the pieces of Osiris' body could be brought together, that the Lord of Life would return to the Lands of the Living.
          This was hotly disputed among the Undyinig, for it was known that Osiris sacrificed himself, retaining his individual will and power, yet otherwise having been consumed, when he merged with the Web of Faith, to lend his power to it and allow for the new Spell of Life to serve its function. To them, this was bordering on blasphemy, but the very idea was little to consider. Then, Nicholas Sforza, a Kher-minu residing in Chicago, acquired the Heart of Osiris. After thwarting the attempts of a Risen Spectre, Maxwell Carpenter, to control or destroy the Heart of Osiris, the Eset-a could no longer be ignored, for it is they that recovered the Ab Asar and put it into safekeeping.

Alain Martinez?: Mesektet, Necromancer

                        The Unbound Scroll        

          The Unbound Scroll are an organisation of Undying that feel that they lack the weapons necessary to properly combat the enemies of Osiris. To this end, they seek out other allies, from whom they can learn to harness more powers to use against their enemies. This means that they mostly deal with the Teomallki of the Capacocha and the Wu T'ian. Unsurprisingly, this means that they do little within the Web of Faith. Most of their activities are conducted elsewhere, across the world.
          Port Sinclair is a far cry from China or Central and South America. For the time being, there is nothing that would draw the interest of the Unbound Scroll, or so this is what is believed. If the Unbound Scroll do have a presence in Port Sinclair, it's a secret yet to be shared.

Claudia Metzger?: Former white nationalist, Fortune Teller

                        The Openers of the Gate        

          This secretive organisation is but a whisper among the Resurrected. Those who know of them remain unaware of the methods employed by the Openers of the Gate. The Openers, concerned that time is running out for the Tem-akh, have been working feverishly to find suitable candidates to undergo the Spell of Life with them.
          As Nehem-sen can be found all over the world, and the Tem-akh look everywhere that they must, the Openers of the Gate were among the very first Amenti to leave the Web of Faith in pursuit of their goals. At this time, their presence is unknown among the Amenti of Los Angeles, but the Openers of the Gate are here, watching and waiting for the opportunity to strengthen the ranks of the Undying.

Shepherd Graham?: Udja-sen, Monitor

                        The Spiders of the Sands        

          The Spiders of the Sands have considered the dependence of the Amenti, upon the Web of Faith, and they've concluded that it's a weakness that must be overcome. Their solution sounds simple; this couldn't be farther from the truth. To date, the Spiders' efforts have met with little success. Many wonder if the cult isn't wasting its time.
          Despite this, it is believed that a metaphysical anchor to the greater Web of Faith could be established in Port Sinclair. Some say that the vision given to the Spiders of the Sand is madness, but the Spiders of the Sands suggest that if the Eset-a could have success finding just one fragment of Osiris' body, that it's foolish to claim that their own goal is too lofty without even putting forth any effort. This renewed vigour has seen the Spiders of the Sands set their sights upon Port Sinclair.

                        Important Locations        

&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;This section will highlight places of importance to the Reborn of Port Sinclair. Although Reborn that deal with the Gauntlet are few and far between, as this game sees extensive crossover, there will be a Gauntlet rating, in addition to one for the Shroud. Mummies deal nearly exclusively with the Shroud, so Gauntlet rating should be ignored by players of mummies under all but very rare circumstances. If True Faith comes into play in any location, it will be noted in the description, rather than on this table.

Location Name Shroud Rating     Gauntlet Rating
Frederic Sinclair Fields of Slumber 4     6 
Sinclair Institute of Higher Learning** 6     7 
First - First Baptist Church of Hebron* 5     6 
Veterans' Tribute Garden*** 5     7 
Ashukhi Corporation S.E. US Offices**** 8     8 
Ashukhi Distribution Plant 7     8 

   * = Not controlled by the Reborn & of interest to other parties.
  ** = Not solely controlled by the Reborn & of equal interest to Mages.
 *** = Coveted by Giovanni vampires - This is not common knowledge; see ST's if you think that your character would have the slightest clue.
**** = Includes offices for all of the Ashukhi Corporation subsidiaries, as well as the primary corporation's office.

The Friends List
          Despite the wishes of the Shemsu-heru, the Reborn are not an immortal army. While mummies outside of the ranks of the Shemsu-heru often refer to their part in the war against Apophis, few truly are or consider themselves to be soldiers. Most who do are either Shemsu-heru or are at least Sefekhi. This will be a list of non-mummy NPC's (from other systems) that become allies of the Reborn (if it happens), non-mummy NPC's (from within Mummy, thus most common) that become allies of the Reborn (as it happens). It is not all-encompassing, nor is it always accurate. It is a list of characters, who through events that have been played out, have been discovered by the local Amenti and have been identified as allies.

The Foes List
          As was stated with the friends list, this is not all-encompassing, nor is it meant to reflect the idea that the Reborn are a unified army. This will be a list of enemies that the Reborn discover operating within Los Angeles. This list will not represent any enemy; it will represent known enemies within Los Angeles, who have been discovered through scenes that are played out.

The Others
          This is where I'll list NPC's belonging to non-Amenti Dynasties, who will be able to assist non-Amenti Reborn, as need arises (ie, someone plays a Wu T'ian, for example). If any non-Amenti NPC's exist on the friends or foes list, they will only be included here if they're also connected (by as little as a player character version of their Dynasty) to a player character.

This page will be updated at differing times, according to the needs of the game, which means that the changes will be sporadic, for now.

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