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Gaining Experience

          Experience is gained in two ways. First and foremost is by the passage of time. Every character gains 2xp per week of real time. So every Sunday at 12:01 am you gain 2xp. This xp can be spent immediately through xp requests. These will be submitted by means of forum threads devoted to each character archetype. links to xp request threads are provided below.

          The second way to gain xp is as a reward from an ST for participation in a scene. The ST in question will post this xp to the Storytellers' forum. From there, the relevant ST will see to it that it's added to your character's exp tally, via the wiki. The direct and intended result of this is that players who actively participate in scenes will gain xp for their character sat a considerably higher rate than those that do not.

Spending Experience

To spend experience you must request purchases from the STs using the following process:

  1. Place your request in a forum post located in your character's forum. Each character type has their own forum and a sticky post in that forum is dedicated to XP and resource purchase requests. Each forum sticky explains the process by which you make requests.
  2. Upon submitting a request an ST will contact you regarding the purchase, if approved THE ST will place the item on your character sheet, and note the purchase in your XP tracking sheet, along with a link to the approval post on the forums.

Note that all changes to the wiki and forums are logged, in order to prevent cheating and to make sure everyone gets their math right.

Xp and resource thread links

Vampire Requests
Werewolf Requests
Mummy Requests
Mage Requests
Hunter Requests
Wraith Requests
Changeling Requests
Others Requests

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