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Steps in character creation:

Step 1: Concept.

          The first task to creating a character is coming up with a basic concept that you can give to the ST's, or storytellers. The STs run the game, and manage the introduction and growth of characters.
Collect and idea of:

  • What you want to play
  • Who you want to play
  • Basic info such as personality and goals

          Once you have those things, talk to an ST, preferably the ST responsible for your character's game. If the concept fits within the rules they will have you move on to generating a character. You will have a set of pages made for you on the wiki and a template will be copied into one for you to use to build the character sheet.

Step 2: Creation:

          You will want to have filled out a character sheet text, only in notepad (substitutes will not be considered for review). Follow the rules in the book(s) that pertain(s) to your character, as well as any restrictions, if any. You will also need to track the way that you spent freebie points, unless you're making a mummy. The character creation process for Mummy: the Resurrection is unique.
          As stated above, mummies are noted differently, via a step-by-step process. Below, you will find two charts. The first is a general chart to be used for everyone but mummies. The second is specifically for mummies, and not for any other game on this site. Note that the numbers are only examples. Use your own numbers, based on how you make your expenditures.
          The format is not to be changed, however. Don't reinvent the wheel. Any slight change means that we have to spend even more time going over your character. That means that it will take longer to approve you for play. Follow these steps. Write them out using the exact same method, and use the exact same format, without deviation. Again, this does make the character approval process a hell of a lot easier, and that's good for everyone. Thank you for your consideration in this matter!

(Chart 1: Characters in any system, except for mummies)
Freebie points (15 + 3 from Flaws = 18)
03 - Willpower (from 5 to 8)
05 - Attribute: Dexterity (from 2 to 3)
03 - Background: Resources (from 0 to 3)
02 - Ability: Athletics (from 1 to 2)
04 - Ability: Occult (from 1 to 3)
01 - Background: Influence (from 3 to 4)
Total: 18

(Chart 2: Mummy: the Resurrection characters)
Stage One Freebies (5):
02 - Ability: Athletics (from 3 to 4)
03 - Background: Resources (from 2 to 5)
Total: 05
Stage Two Bonuses (2 Attribute dots, 5 Ability dots, 2 Background dots, 5 Willpower, Sekhem dots equal to final Balance score):
Attributes (2):
01 - Dexterity (from 3 to 4)
01 - Appearance (from 1 to 2)
Total: 02
Abilities (5):\\ 03 - Divination (from 0 to 3)
01 - Awareness (from 0 to 1)
01 - Thanatology (from 0 to 1)
Total: 05
Backgrounds (2):
02 - Ba (from 0 to 2)
Total: 02
Freebie Points (10 + 7 from Flaws = 17):
08 - Balance (from 1 to 3)
02 - Ability: Occult (from 0 to 2)
02 - Background: Ka (from 0 to 2)
02 - Background: Neteru (from 0 to 2)
03 - Willpower (from 5 to 8)
Total: 17

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