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          For people versed in the World of Darkness™, Alexandria is well-known for its setting. People both familiar and unfamiliar with the World of Darkness™ know of the rich history of Alexandria, Egypt. They've doubtless heard of the great library and may very well wonder how much knowledge was lost when the library burned. The setting of Alexandria will have some loose ties to Port Sinclair. They will be separate venues, but some cross-over between settings may occasionally happen. That will be minimal, however, as Alexandria is going to have its own rich plots and setting.
          Uncertaintly is the rule of law regarding when the Alexandria side of this game will open. There are simply too many variables. For one, at this time, we're still building up the Port Sinclair setting, playtesting that setting, and making adjustments as we go. It's come a long way and still has a (not as) long way to go. After the site officially launches to the public, and we have a good, solid game going, we're going to put more focus on making Alexandria happen.
          Continual strides toward excellence in gaming is what we're about. As you'll see with Port Sinclair, immersion is everything. Mooks aside, our NPCs aren't just stats and descriptions. ST's have detailed notes on EVERY NPC, and this includes how they view other NPC's, much like was often seen in older Vampire books. There is also room for staff to add notes about the NPCs, as more comes out about them through role-play, in their ST notes on the personality of each NPC. In this way, no matter what ST picks up an NPC, there is the element of consistency.
          Killing time can be achieved in any number of ways. Cities of Dust is meant to be a much more fun way of doing that, with many options for players, and a dedicated staff, intent upon making a fun gaming environment. It is the hope of all of the staff at Cities of Dust that we will provide something both familiar and unique. While the Alexandria side will be the last to launch, we firmly believe that the wait is worth the time.

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