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                    Follow me to the open doors     
                    Kiss and bleed, the sounds come cutting     
                    Just ask and you can have it all     
                    Howling for the glory of the innocent     
                    "With Dog and Dame" And the next to fall     
                    In the shadow's hold I will arrive     
                    Take your veil and give you life     
                    A kiss of death     
                    Your wedding dress     
                    Your love, my love, I now possess     
                    -Nosferatu, "The Hunger"     
                        THE KINDRED OF PORT SINCLAIR:     

          The Kindred of Port Sinclair

Camarilla Luminaries:

          The Camarilla are the dominant faction of vampires to be found in Port Sinclair, Florida. The Sabbat have held that position in the past, but for most of the timLe that Kindred have maintained lairs in Port Sinclair, the Camarilla have been at the top of the proverbial (and not-so-proverbial) food chain. Anarchs come in second place, tolerated only because they're relatively ineffective, or at least because they have been so far. The Independent Clans have a small presence on the island as well, but at least for the time being, the Camarilla are comfortably on top.

Camarilla Luminaries:

          This section, and everything beyond it, is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

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                        Important Locations        

&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;&mbsp;This section will highlight places of importance to the Reborn of Port Sinclair. Although Reborn that deal with the Gauntlet are few and far between, as this game sees extensive crossover, there will be a Gauntlet rating, in addition to one for the Shroud. Mummies deal nearly exclusively with the Shroud, so Gauntlet rating should be ignored by players of mummies under all but very rare circumstances. If True Faith comes into play in any location, it will be noted in the description, rather than on this table.

Location Name Shroud Rating     Gauntlet Rating
Frederic Sinclair Fields of Slumber 4     6 
Sinclair Institute of Higher Learning** 6     7 
First - First Baptist Church of Hebron* 5     6 
Veterans' Tribute Garden*** 5     7 
Ashukhi Corporation S.E. US Offices**** 8     8 
Ashukhi Distribution Plant 7     8 

   * = Not controlled by the Reborn & of interest to other parties.
  ** = Not solely controlled by the Reborn & of equal interest to Mages.
 *** = Coveted by Giovanni vampires - This is not common knowledge; see ST's if you think that your character would have the slightest clue.
**** = Includes offices for all of the Ashukhi Corporation subsidiaries, as well as the primary corporation's office.

This page will be updated at differing times, according to the needs of the game, which means that the changes will be sporadic, for now.

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