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First, a Warning:
This is an adult site, this is not a game about children having magic that makes their make belief comes true, this is a game about the crushing reality of loosing one's homeland, memories, identity and place in the world and a heroic sisyphean toil to hold on to the dying embers of the Glamourous, Fantastic and Wonderful before the cold tide of banality and conformity. This game is not about your Disneyworld kindergarten safe and sterile (and banal) stories, this is a world of the original Grimm brothers, of the Arabian thousand-and-one-nights, of the Fire-side stories of Africa and the Americas, of the folk wisdom of the Asian countryside. This is about REAL fairies, as imagined before misguided (or malicious) psychologists and histerical parents sanitized the world of childhood fantasy.
Yes, this is the game about dancing pixies and drunk satyrs bathing in sunlit glades of eternal summer and unimaginable beauty under the auspice of seelie sidhe of grace, honour and duty who employ a host of talented Knockers, dedicated Boggans and loyal Trolls while an Eshu choire sing of lovely tales of Arcadian Love and Valor.
But this is also the game of mischiveous pixies and vengeful satyrs stalking the dark woods under the auspice of unseelie sidhe of intrigue, trickery and manipulation, lording over spiteful Knockers, meddling Boggans and militant Trolls, while a an Eshu band whispers of horrors lurking just beneath the surface.
Don't be banal and obvious. While steriotypes exist for a reason and tell a lot about the group, every kithian is a unique creation of dream and nightmare, of the the highest peaks of love and the botomless pits of dispair. Kithain are emotions and dreams come true, for good and for bad, in all its extreems. Make your character interesting.

I, as a principal matter, does not like limiting options to players. It is on me, as ST, to do be the balancing act. So there are no, and will never be, strict limitations on Character Creation. If it's in the book, you can use it. That being said, chaarcter traits will need to be understood from, and bound by, her history. Following are a few notes in the matter:

  1. . While this is a 20th Anniversary cWoD site, I give you liberty to use materials from older soucres in the CtD series. When you do, please qoute Book Name and Page Number so I can reference. I can and will make adjustment house rules regarding these to fit both the mechanics and nerrative of CtD20.
  2. . Page 114 of the book has rules for Kith Creation. Knock yourself up if you want to. Also, I am open to adjusting into play any existing pre-20th anniversary Kith.
  3. . I want you to list both Birthrights and Fraility, with mechanics description, in the character sheet for ease of quick reference. They will appear in the notes section. This is MANDATORY.
  4. . Contacts: each dot of contacts Background gives you one Major contact. *You* need to flesh him out. No need for a deatiled character sheet, but I will want wnough information so I can make one for it. The more detailed a contact will be, the more useful your character will find him to be. Contacts are MORTALS, always.
  5. . Holdings: Details is key for approval, flesh out how your character came to own and maintain his holding.
    By decree from the honourable Prince-Mayor Adán Maroto of House Liam and the Jade Princess Cai Lingxin, co-monarchs of the Gilded Skull Freeport and the County of Port Sinclair, all holdings on the Island must be declaired before the court, registered under the Freeport's landowning secretariat and must have at least one room open lobby to which every Kithian may eneter freely.
    Please note that if you decide to break the decree and keep your holding secret, there will be consequences when you are discovered.
  6. . Mentor: Kithian Society is highly constructed, traditionalist and constrictive, and the autoumn world unforgiving. If you have 0 points in mentor, expect TROUBLE. Also, if you have no mentor, you have some explaining to do as to how you survived and learned the Kithian arts.
  7. . Etiquette is probably the most imporant part of every Kithian life. If you have 0 points in Etiquette, you will find it difficult to manage in a life revolved around tight and strict social norms.
  8. . The Gilded Skull Freeport is an open freehold who welcomes all new members. If you wish to become a memeber, your first scene will be the appropriate court scene.
  9. . When any background contains NPCs (Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Retainers, etc) - the mroe details you provide, the more useful you will find them. This doesn't have to be fleshed out entirely by Creation. You will have plenty of time to flesh them out in Journals and In-play description.
  10. . Title works slightly different in Port Sinclair. The co-monarchs have their own seperate set of titles and ranking order. Ranks and titles are given based on merit, favour, politics, wealth and service and not through blood (and are not inherited), They are:
    1. . Burgher - the lowest ranking member of any court, these are either especially talented young stars or the promising children of higher-ranking members.
    2. . Daifu - named after the chinese word for the gentlemen bureaucrats, this rank is usually attained by great or epecially long service.
    3. . Patrician or Graf - either the ruler of a small freehold (Graf) or a notable and honoured member of a bigger court (Patrician), this is usually a man or woman of notable wealth or skill.
    4. . Lord Mayor or Lady Mayoress - the ruler of a freehold of size and notability, a Lord or Lady of this rank is secon to the co-manrchs and serve as their intermediate nobility.
    5. . Prince Mayor (This is banned for Characters, as this is the highest current rank in the Island)).

As the court of Port Sinclair is both boastful, colourful and cosmopolitan, it is the prerogative of every ranked Kithian to invent their own self-styled titles. Great care, fun and intrigue goes into those elaborate self-declarations. However, the official rank of a person must always appear first, and the right to its use is merited our only by the co-monarchs. Every commoner in Port Sinclair is a freeperson, and thier official rank (rank 0) is Citizen.
#. If you wish to play a titled Kith who moved to the Island you can keep the old rank, with all the boon and bane it holds, but consider that the Island's court will need to grant you an appropriate rank in its hierarchy. Leave the Title Background as it is, and I shall rank your character in his joining scene.

  1. . You can't have more dots in Retinue than you have in Holding.
  2. . Unless you take at least Rank 3, your Holding score represents an assured accees to a Freehold's Glamour balefire. You must havge the Rank of Graf to be permited owning your own private Freehold. TBS, a Freehold doesn't have to have a Graf, it can be a commune jointly owned by several lower-ranking Kith or even entirely by citizens.
  3. . Since title is obtained by merit and wealth in Port Sinclair, Sum up the following backgrounds: Chimerical Items (not living Chimera), Holdings, Resources, Retinue, Treasure. For every 12 dots total, consider taking 1 dot in Title.
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