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                    My business is a little cloak and dagger     
                    I drink so much I don't walk I merely stagger     
                    No, you wouldn't listen and I don't blame you     
                    No, I don't blame ya     
                    -Alien Sex Fiend, "I Walk the Line"     
                        IN THE SHADOWS OF PORT SINCLAIR:     

          From even before Frederic Sinclair bought the island that now bares the name of its port city, supernatural presences have hidden in the shadows. Mostly going unnoticed, the unnatural has been all around Port Sinclair, much as throughout the rest of the world. Manipulating, enslaving, killing, and perverting people to their own selfish, diabolical ends. The monsters have not been unchallenged.
          The Inquisition, otherwise known as the Society of Leopold, has been to the island on more than one occasion. The Arcanum are believed to have a presence in Port Sinclair. Although they wouldn't begin to make any headway until 5 years after their initial formation, townspeople came together in 1683, in response to a massacre beyond explanation. This began the secret society of hunters that made it their duty to watch for signs of monsters on the island, learn their secrets and weaknesses, and then destroy them. Called the Sentinels, this secret society bares some superficial resemblance to the Arcanum, and a greater degree of similarity to other cells of hunters throughout the world.
          Since the Messengers first started choosing people to be Imbued, small and varying numbers of Chosen have found themselves on the island. There are enough monsters stalking Port Sinclair's shadows to keep them busy. None the less, the island is only so big. There may only be so many places where monsters can hide, but the same is true of those who would hunt the monsters. To make matters worse, the monsters have influence among law enforcement, the media, and more, leaving hunters with hardly anywhere to hide and with no allies but one another. How long will it be before the hunters are finally all prey? THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Those Who Stand Apart:

          This section will highlight one individual hunters that are worth note. This list will include Imbued, Bystanders, and independent hunters. Organised hunters, such as the Society of Leopold, the Arcanum, or site-specific ones, like the Sentinels and the Zealots of Saint Lazarus, will be listed in the following section.

Alicia Smith?: Temp-for-hire
Tony Lawson?: Little league coach

Jake Hammond?: Ice cream vendor / Martyr
Matthias Ball ?: Preacher / Redeemer
Lynette Gore?: Photographer / Innocent
Cliff Steel?: Garbage Man / Avenger
Peter Valentine?: Private Investigator / Judge
Yesenia Black?: Lawyer / Defender
Xabat Jones?: Astrologer / Visionary
Clark Gorman?: Marine Sniper / Wayward
Zel Tifton?: Programmer / Hermit

Jorge Lopez?: Mechanic / Psychic

Those Who Work Together:

          This section will highlight the organised hunters found within and around Port Sinclair. Player characters may belong to these groups unless otherwise specified.


          The Arcanum, a secret society of scholars that pursues knowledge of the supernatural, has numerous agents act as hunters, though they usually hunt in the pursuit of esoteric lore, as opposed to hunting supernatural creatures. Many Arcanum scholars are sorcerers, and a handful possess True Faith.
          The Arcanum began in 1885 by Benjamen Holmscroft, a former member of the Hermetic Order of the Rising Day. Disappointed with what he perceived as charlatanry, Holmscroft started his own society of scholars who would genuinely study the supernatural. Holmscroft invited occultists from all over the Western world to attend him in Vannevar Hall, which he claimed as his ancestral estate. All agreed that most active occult societies were mostly escapist fools. Holmscroft had purposely chosen people that there was much more to the “world of shadows”, as he called it, than most people would be willing to believe. When the Arcanum was founded, its structure was built to imitate the ancient mystery cults, while drawing on elements from the Hermetic Order. It combined fraternal, professional, ecclesial, and professional organization models.
          Over the next years of its existence, the Arcanum began to expand its membership. Under Holmscroft's direction, scholars were not unique among those targeted for recruitment. The Arcanum also sought psychics and other people who exhibited limited supernatural powers. Even women were considered for joining if their talents were sufficient. Early attempts of infiltration by other secret societies, like the Society of Leopold, were thwarted. In 1888, one of the founding members, Jebediah Brown, seemingly betrayed the Arcanum to focus on his personal vendetta against vampires. As a reaction, the group went global, with Vannevar Hall as their hidden headquarter. New chapters were opened in Vienna and Boston, with others following the British Empire and its expansion. In time, all major nations in Europe were home to at least one Chapter-House.
          In 1910, the Boston chapter-house came under attack after it had infiltrated a blood cult that revered “Hecate”. After one of the infiltrators fled upon the discovery of “Hecate” being a vampire, the cult learned of the location of the chapter house and set fire to it, destroying numerous priceless tomes, along with the Arcanum’s archives. In the wake of this attack, additional security measures were implanted for all chapter-houses. The newly founded chapter in Washington, D.C became the new headquarter for the American Arcanum, while Holmscroft and the other founding members retreated further and further from leadership positions.
          With the advent of World War I, many chapter-houses fell on opposing lines of the conflict, resulting in mistrust and much of the field work and shared research coming to a standstill. Even worse were the events of World War II, which resulted in the Berlin chapter-house falling under the control of the Nazis and their pet occultists, the Thule Gesellschaft. Many Arcanists depleted their stores and libraries into foreign chapters or their own cellars to avoid their destruction.
          In the aftermath of the conflict, colonies were introduced to avoid too large concentrations of knowledge at a single place. Most of these colonies were used as testing ground for the installation of new Chapter-Houses.
          With the advent of the millennial hysteria, some Arcanists began to argue that the passive approach of their organization to supernatural abuses is unethical. While not warriors themselves, they support others in their struggle. For example, the Las Vegas Chapter-House cooperates with the police, alerting them to supernatural activity that is harmful. Others act as informants to the Society of Leopold or government officials. Similarly, Reverend Jebediah Brown, who has survived the centuries through his vast understanding of alchemy and the efforts of Crucible Genetics Amalgamated, still believes his ongoing theft of intelligence from Arcanum chapter houses goes unnoticed — but, in truth, he is but another tool in an intricate armchair war. Not even all of the Arcanum participants in these redirection efforts are aware of one another’s work. No member risks more with these clandestine pursuits than Sandeep D'Souza, Chancellor of the New Delhi Chapter House, who is poised to assume the Arcanum’s Grand Chancellorship. Yet, since finding himself amidst rioting Sabbat vampires in Frankfurt and witnessing their depredations up close, D’Souza is a changed man. He doesn’t understand why he was spared, which further fanned his guilt and ultimately propelled the Arcanist onto his current course. D’Souza is uncomfortable with using people as pawns against the Kindred, but he now finds inaction to be unthinkable.
Theodore Ernst?: Chancellor
Patricia Jones?: Journeyman (Elder Sister)
Fukamashi Sho?: Neophyte

                       The Sentinels:        

          (text will go here)
          (text will go here)

"Big" Joe Brown?: Landscaper
"Mad" Matt Rollins?: Local Conspiracy Talk Radio Host

                        The Society of Leopold        

          (fill in)

Father Wendell Harrington?: The Eye of the Church

                        The Zealots of Saint Lazarus        

          (fill in)

Father Malachi?: A Righteous Fist of Christ, Deliverer From Evil, Restorer of the Natural Order
Sister Patricia?: A Saints' Hand to the Flock, A Mouthpiece of Christ

                        Important Locations        

          This section will highlight places of use to Hunters in Port Sinclair. Unless otherwise noted, hunters are unaware of the Gauntlet and Shroud ratings of these locations (or even what those words mean), yet they're provided for instances where they may be needed because of crossover, or for other reasons.

Location Name Shroud Rating     Gauntlet Rating     True Faith Rating
Saint Peter's Church of the Divine Trinity* 8     8     3
The Blessed Hall of Saint Lazarus** 8     6     1

* True Faith 3 ** True Faith 1

This page will be updated at differing times, according to the needs of the game, which means that the changes will be sporadic, for now.

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