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                        DREAMING OF PORT SINCLAIR:     

          Where there is a mind, it dreams. And when it dreams, it creates. Like anywhere in the world, the Fae world of Pot Sinclair is as much a creation of its mundane citizens as it is of the Fair Folk who bask in its Glamour.
          The state of Florida is known to the Kithian as the Kingdom of the White Sands. Ruled by Queen Morganna of House Gwydion from her adobe in Caer Flamingo, the entire Kithian society here takes a distinct spanish flavour to its feudal system. Born out of the dreams, and nightmares, of both Conquisidors and Explorers, Natives and Immigrants, Traders and Merchants, The Near Dreaming of Florida is a cauldron of the dreams of those who move, explore and discover, and the nightmares of war, plauge and displacemnet. Jacksoville is the domain and realm of Tremore Halsey of House Gwydion, Duke of the Dutchy of the First Coast, who rule his realm from his freehold of Seven Bridges. While Port Sinclair sits de Jure in the Dutchy of the First Coast, its relationship with Duke Trmore Halsley is much a reflection of Port Sinclair's automn relations with mainland Florida: tenious to non-existing.
          The Island's Kithian society is de Facto ruled by the Prince-Mayor Adán Maroto of House Liam and his wife the Jade Princess Cai Lingxin the who rule as co-monarchs from the Gilded Skull Freeport, a freehold on shore's edge. While the two share their duties and powers, they hold to the duality of winter and summer. During Winter, it is Lingxin who has the final authority as they hold court in the Freeport's deep and fire-warmed winter hall. During Summer, it is Adán who sits supreme as they hold court in the inner ever-cool and open-air summer solarium.
          As they never took oath of service nor bent their knees to Duke Halsey, the couple use self-styled titles meant to flaunt their independance. However, their defiance went largely unchallanged and has never been tested in war nor threat of it. The two send their annual tribute to the Queen's court, and rumours abound as to their special "deal" with the queen that keeps the ducal claim at bay.

Notes on euro-centricism: cWoD is a european creation (as most US citizens are of european decent and culture), it is euro-centric and especially anglo-centric. In this setting, there is one major shift from the convention of CtD's plotline: While it was the europeans who learned and mastered the Changeling Way, The Dreaming is a place of not only infinite potential, but of limitless and boundless dreams. As such, the Changling Way spread like wyldfire throughout the world, and, taking many and varied forms, has preserved in equal measures the Fae of every lore. Three world traditions distinctly lack in Kith source material: The Near (or "middle") East, the Indian sub-continent and sub-saharan Africa. Be creative, and feel free to tread outside the bounds of European Fairytales, and if you have a particular tale you want to base a Kith on, let's work on it together and create it!

The Shining Folk:
This section will highlight note-worthy Kithians of Port Sinclair, who can serve as allies and mentors to the young Dreamers. Details of each of these NPC's will be placed on their page.

The Fairer Folks:
Notables of the European Kith
Prince-Mayor Adán Maroto of House Liam - The Co-monarch of the Gilded Skull Freeport, Adan is a spanish-decent Seelie Sidhe.

Notables of the Native North American Kith
Deatils to come

Notables of the Pacific Islander Kith
Deatils to come

Notables of the Far east Kwannon-jin
Jade Princess Cai Lingxin - The co-monarch of the Gilded Skull Freeport, Lingxin is a fiery chinesse Yin Chu-Jung.

Notables of the Near-Eeast Kith
Deatils to come

Notables of the Indian Kith
Deatils to come

Notables of the Sub-Saharan Kith
Deatils to come

First Dreams:
Notables of the Australasian Kith
Deatils to come

Notables of the Crafted Kith
Deatils to come

The Enchanted:
Notable Mortales
Deatils to come

This is a work in progress. More is always to come

Notes on Changling Character Creation

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