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          This Wiki is for a game that, while still being under construction, is in a state of pre-play: People can make characters and play, but the setting is incomplete, with more being added as time allows. This is a great time to come in and bring in a character, to help fill in some of the missing spots in the ever-growing and evolving setting.

          Cities of Dust is a World of Darkness game, set in a living world, and using 20th Anniversary Edition rules. Where a particular gameline never got a 20th Anniversary Edition, we're using house rules to update to the same rules set used by everyone else. Time passes in game at a set rate and experience is rewarded every Sunday, at 12am EST (as this is done manually, it may appear on personal wikis later). Players can create a character from any of the authorized character types, using the creation rules listed on this wiki.
          This gives a lot of options, as we feel that if rules were written for playable characters, and if people bought books to be able to play those, that they shouldn't be banned outright. This doesn't mean that no restrictions exist, but we're reasonably liberal in our approval process. Once players request approval from an ST, and the ST works with said players to finish the approval process, they're allowed into the game.
          Our game opens with a singular setting, which is Port Sinclair, Florida. Such a place doesn't exist in the real world, but for the purposes of our game, that's an island, 30 miles east by northeast of North Florida, which holds a sizable population. Eventually, we will be opening a second setting, which will be Alexandria, Egypt. This is why we're Cities (plural) of Dust, and not the City of Dust. When the second setting opens, we have plans for compatibility between Alexandria and Port Sinclair. Obiously, this will be easy with Mummy, given how much Amenti outside of Egypt have to travel back. For others, it will take more work, which we're quietly doing behind the scenes once we have Port Sinclair completely up and running.
          Even as I'm writing this, games are being added, character sheets are being coded for the wiki, and expansions are being written on the initial material that made the setting for Port Sinclair. We've added a Storyteller for Changeling: the Dreaming, and after going over the 20th Anniversary Edition of Wraith: the Oblivion, that game has been officially added to the list. On the side of Vampire, we've even put in a sheet with 20th Anniversary Edition updates for Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom.
          At present, we don't have an official launch date. The reason for this is the concern for quality over immediate gratification. We're not simply making NPC's in each system and giving them sheets. They come complete with role-play notes, and notes on their thoughts about other PC's and NPC's with whom they're familiar, so that there is continuity between ST's and game sessions. All of this is in addition to the usual details that have to go into a huge undertaking such as is required to make sites like this.

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